Guest Post

The World of Dating is a website for all of us. Our mission is to share and embrace world culture through the single journey. Dating culture is an ever evolving landscape. The overlay of ancient cultural norms with modern dating fascinate us. But that’s not all, we are interested in all things dating related.

If you have a story to share, read on. (Curious advertisers, please contact us instead)

Types of Content

We are open to a range of topics. The below list is not inclusive, just some suggested types of content we find interesting.

  • intercultural dating / interracial dating stories
  • travel dating (i.e. traveling and meeting people)
  • experience dating in a specific city or country
  • sexual experiences / your sexual journey
  • research on dating, romantic or sexual topics
  • market trends
  • your perspective on the best dating apps for a specific place and why
  • <pitch your own idea>


We have a few guidelines for our guest post to ensure the quality of content remains good.

  • all post submissions must be a minimum of 700 words
  • any factual statements where you are quoting something must include link citations
    • we believe in sharing solid information in addition to personal opinion. The more scientific your citations, the better
  • original content
  • image or video content
    • you must have proof of exclusive rights to be able to use the works

Review process

Once you’ve submitted a guest post. We’ll review within 5 business days.

We have a cap on the number of posts we’ll release weekly per category but we’ll schedule a date with you so you know when to expect it.


what happens if my post is accepted?

  • if your post is accepted, then we will (a) let you know; (b) upload the content to our site; (c) preview it and do final checks; (d) publicly launched

will you get a do-follow link back?

  • Assuming your content is accepted and meets all of our guidelines, of course!