Former Tinder CEO launches Amorai

Amorai app by Renate Nyborg

Former Tinder CEO Renate Nyborg, recently announced that after some time off, she’s re-entering the dating space with a new company called Amorai. Nyborg writes, “Amorai was founded in response to the global rise of loneliness, and the steady decline in close relationships – from platonic to romantic.” Further, from their press release, “Its first product is an AI relationship coaching app targeting young adults from 18-30 years old. The app offers personalized coaching exercises, primarily crafted and curated for Gen Z.”

Investors include: Andrew Ng, Jim Lanzone, Eileen Burbidge, Megan Jones Bell, Joe Zadeh, Peter Rojas, Charles Campbell Roberts and Andre H.

Here’s a link to the official press release.

Our thoughts

It is unclear exactly what this product will look like. Based off the announcement, it seems like it’ll be an app with a GenZ target demo. We expect it’ll be interactive, simple and thoughtful.

This announcement comes at an interesting time when AI has become a highly contested topic. Geoffrey Hinton, often dubbed ‘the father of AI’, recently left his long tenured post at Google to advocate against AI and warn others of the dangers and threats that AI pose to humanity. Further, Elon Musk and more than 27k others have signed a petition and open letter calling for a stop to any further AI progress until society has time to catch up.

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-TWOD team