7 Unique Dating Rituals from around the world

  1. Love padlocks in Paris, France: Couples attach padlocks to bridges and throw away the key, symbolizing their eternal love for each other.
  2. Matchmaking festivals in Ireland: These festivals allow singles to come together and find potential partners through traditional matchmaking practices.
  3. Baobab tree courtship in Madagascar: Men carve love messages into the bark of the baobab tree, and women respond with their own messages, eventually meeting at the tree to express their love in person.
  4. Couple’s day in South Korea: Celebrated on the 14th of every month, couples exchange gifts and spend time together, with the most important being Valentine’s Day and White Day.
  5. Throwing apples in Slovenia: Young men throw apples at the women they’re interested in, and if the woman catches the apple, it’s believed that they will fall in love.
  6. Courting flute players in Nepal: Men play flutes outside the windows of women they’re interested in, and if the woman is interested, she’ll invite him in for a cup of tea.
  7. Wedding trees in Mexico: Couples plant trees together as a symbol of their commitment to each other, and as the tree grows, so does their love.